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The International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark (POFCAP) is a World First, independent, not for profit International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark and approved to certify products and companies in

23 countries  - Australia, England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Spain, Austria, Sweden, the USA, Italy,

France, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, India, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Canada as well as 15 territories Territories - Corsica, Guadelope, Martinique, French

Polynesia, French Guiana, Reunion New Caledonia, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, St Pierre and Miquelon,

Mayotte, Wallis Futuna, French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

global palm oil free certification trademark


This mark was launched in late 2017.  Our certification is not limited only to the countries and territories which we have been approved to certify in.

If you are a company wishing to apply for certification click on the button below

Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark


POFCAP is managed by a team of people  involved with researching palm oil ingredients since 2009.  Each product or company displaying the International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark has been assessed and certified palm oil free.  

Apply now for Certification.

baby orangutan


The baby orangutan featured on this Certification Trademark is JABRICK.

This Mark is dedicated to her and the 1,000s and 1,000s of fauna who have lost their lives due to deforestation and habitat destruction. JABRICK lives on through this Certification Trademark and will never be forgotten. To read her story click on the Learn More button.

borneo rainforest palm oil free certification


This Certification is product based not brand based. 

This means companies who sell both products which contain palm oil and sell products which do not contain palm oil can apply for certification for the palm oil free products in their range. If those products are assessed and certified they can attain Product Certification. Should the company's entire range be Certified Palm Oil Free then the company can attain whole  Company Certification.

orangutans palm oil free


1. To enable consumers, who wish to avoid palm oil for allergy, dietary or ethical reasons, to see at a quick glance if a product, or company or process is palm oil free. The certification trademark on a product's packaging or as a part of a company's marketing enables consumers to know it has been thoroughly researched and certified by an International and Independent Certification Trademark Programme.

2. To create an alternate funding stream and distribute all profit from this Certification Trademark back into grassroot NGOs  working hard to protect rainforests around the world and all they contain.

alternate names for palm oil


 Many palm oil free claims are made by companies whose products contain palm oil.

Most of these incorrect claims are innocent due to the lack of knowledge by the manufacturer and the confusing nature of palm oil derivatives.  This occurs because 1,000s  of ingredients are made from palm oil (called palm oil derivatives), but, most do not

have the word ‘palm’ in their ingredient name eg cetyl alcohol.

This makes it is difficult for the manufacturer to know and if THEY don’t know then how

can the consumer know? This is one of the reasons we developed this Certification Programme so that everyone can be sure that a product is genuinely palm oil free by being Certified by us. Our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark will accept applications for any product in any category and any service or company.

We understand many people wish to avoid products that contain palm oil and palm oil derivatives. Up until now, partly due to the complexity of palm oil and its multitude of derivatives there was no easy way to determine if a product was genuinely palm oil free. This issue drove us to develop a Certification Programme which guarantees consumers that any product that displays our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark has been audited & certified by POFCAP using strict independent, international criteria, rules and standards.

Click the button below to see some of the ingredients which are potentially palm oil derived.

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