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palm oil

GREEN  - a 46min film you should watch

A Documentary by Patrick Rouxel


A documentary on the Indonesian rainforest, deforestation and orangutan extinction.

This is a silent film (with music) which addresses itself both to the Indonesians and the consumers of wood/paper/palm oil around the world.

It is 46min long but well worth watching. Click here to see GREEN

This important documentary was filmed in the fast disappearing Indonesian rainforest and although not narrated its message is clear and frightening. The home of the Orangutan and many other wildlife species in Indonesia is being decimated at an alarming rate by consumer need and greed.

The film features the widespread practice of 'slash and burn' to clear the lush rainforest to make way for extensive palm oil plantations which we, the consumer, support in our demand for our favourite foods, magazines, cosmetics, and, increasingly, biofuel. The practice has also seen Indonesia move into third place behind the US and China with regard to carbon emissions due to the uncovering of peat soil which has lain, undisturbed, below the tropical rainforest for centuries.


The film also exposes the illegal pet trade that thrives in Indonesia and the sick, despairing lives of those Orangutan who spend years, often all their lives, locked in small cages, suffering, alone.

The story thread follows the fate of a female Orangutan whose name is ‘Green’ who has been captured and brought in because her forest home has been decimated. She is one of the lucky ones as most are slaughtered without mercy when caught. Her fate though, is not a happy one, as her trauma at the hands of man is too great. Your heart will break with resounding pity, but it is even more sobering to know that she is only one of hundreds every week who will suffer a similar fate.


We owe it to our friends, the gentle Orangutan to view this, we owe it to our planet, and we owe it to ourselves so that we may learn from it.

Please watch it. This documentary doesn't include violence.

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