International Palm Oil Free Certification
Trademark & Certification Programme



POFCAP's goals are 3 fold ;

To enable consumers, who wish to avoid palm oil for allergy, dietary or ethical reasons, to see at a quick glance if a product, company or process is palm oil free. When consumers see the certification trademark on a product's packaging or as a part of a companies marketing they know it has been thoroughly researched and certified by an International Independent Certification Trademark Programme.

To build the Certification Trademark to a level which sits alongside other Certification Trademarks such as GMO Free, Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and many others.

To create a alternate funding stream and distribute all profit from this Certification Programme back into organisations working hard to protect rainforests around the world and all they contain.


1) Many palm oil free claims are made by companies who's products are not palm oil free. Most of these incorrect claims are innocent and are due to the lack of knowledge of the 1,000's of palm oil derivative ingredients palm oil is turned into.

2) This Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme (POFCAP) was also created because whilst we support the idea of the palm oil industry being encouraged to produce 'non conflict palm oil ', currently only 17% of all palm oil produced is 'non conflict palm oil' and to get to this level has taken nearly 14 yrs.

We understand that our desire for 100% of all palm oil produced to be 'non conflict' is a mammoth task that will take time. Therefore we believe the effort to protect the world's rainforests requires a multi-pronged approach.

We recognise all the work being undertaken by the organisations below that have been working hard over the last decade to discourage deforestation and educate both the public and the industry.Whilst staggering amounts of deforestation has occurred over the last 10 years had many of these organisations not been active we would have lost millions more hectares.

The Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG)
The PONGO Alliance
The Orangutan Land Trust (OLT)
Rainforest Action Network
The Forest Trust (TFT)
The Rainforest Alliance
The Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
Mandatory Labelling of Palm Oil
Indonesian Auditor Network

We also support the campaign for Mandatory Labeling of Palm Oil.This campaign pushes for labeling on food products, but, if successful would NOT apply to non food products. Our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark Programme will accept applications for any product in any category.

The main aim of the organisations listed above is to make the palm oil industry accountable and to halt deforestation.

We understand many people wish to avoid products that contain palm oil.

Up until now, partly due to the complexity of palm oil and its multitude of derivatives (click here for the list of names palm oil is called) there was no easy way to determine if a product was genuinely palm oil free. This issue drove us to develop a Certification Programme which guarantees consumers that any product that displays our Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark has been audited & certified by POFCAP using strict international criteria, rules and standards.